How to Install Snaplock KD Pipe Duct

In order to snap the seam together, start at one end and work your way toward the other end, making sure you hear the snap of the seam as it goes together. This snap feature will prevent the seam from easily coming apart. We recommend that you seal this seam with a duct sealant to prevent air leakage. This will improve the efficiency of your system and lower your monthly utility bills. When attaching to sheet metal fittings slide the crimped end of the duct into the straight end of the fitting and secure with sheet metal screws at about 4" on center. We also recommend that you seal this joint with a duct sealant.  All sheet metal ducts used for Supply Air in your heating or air conditioning system should be insulated on the outside by wrapping a fiberglass insulation blanket around the sheet metal duct.

The following video is not a production of "The Sheet Metal Kid" But canbe found as helpful in your assembly and or installation.